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Horizonparts.com /

Website design and programming for Horizon Spa & Pool Parts

Christmas Lights /

Photograph of a tree with lights on it.

Shrubs /

Photograph of shrubs near Del Mar, California

Deb’s Darlin Flowers /

Logo, business cards and signage created for Deb’s Darlin Flowers




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Tesla Roadster10-11-2010 / Print Design /

Tesla Roadster advertisement concept to promote its electric motor. This was done as part of a class project and went on to be featured in an art show. Source photo can be found here.


  1. very nice graphics on the tesla photo. I took that photo years ago in the parking lot at Yahoo. It’s part of a set where I tried to get as many Car and Driver magazine style angles of the car as I could.

    If you look closely in the reflection on the bumper, you can see me and some friends standing around looking at the car.

    … someone else pointed out that there’s no gas cap on it because it’s electric!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you were able to find this and see your photo in the wild. It’s a good photo…thanks for sharing!

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